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vtuber commissions



Full body - £2000+


Fully separated and ready for Live2D rigging


5 expressions (e.g. blush, angry, yandere)

2 simple variants (e.g. ears, glasses)


Additional arm poses/props - £150 each

Prices include commercial use.

If you would like a vtuber designed, please contact me for a more detailed quote.

previous models


terms and conditions

  • Prices listed are starting prices. Additional fees may apply for complex designs, extra revisions, tight deadlines etc.

  • Image references are required. Low quality references may result in an extra design fee.

  • Commissions are not first come first served. I have the right to decline commissions for any reason.

  • I will not draw: furry/mecha/explicit NSFW

  • I will provide a sketch of your commission once it is finalised. At this stage you can request small changes. Once I have started the painting process, all changes will require an additional fee.

  • This commission is for the artwork and PSD file ONLY. You will need to find a Live2D rigger. Please let me know the contact details for your rigger as I will need to work with them if any changes to the PSD file is required.

  • Some riggers may have specific requirements for the PSD file, so I will need to know in advance if this is the case. At the very latest, I will need all the information by the end of the sketching phase. I am not liable for any mistakes if inadequate information is provided.

  • Unless you have stated a deadline, commissions will be completed on my schedule. If you are on a deadline, please let me know when requesting a commission.

  • Payments are required upfront via Paypal or credit/debit card.

  • I may post the model on social media with a link to you, unless you would like to remain anonymous.

  • Please credit me in your twitter/twitch/youtube description as the artist for your model.

  • Refunds and cancellations are only possible if the commission has not been started. A partial refund will be available if only a sketch has been completed.

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